Extinction hoods incoming!!

99% of the hoods are on their way – the final few will have tracking updated tomorrow AM when the post office finally processes them (We use drop and go)

They’ve started appearing in the UK at the destinations – the EU ones will take longer – customs and distance obviously playing a part!!

thanks to everyone who got one, and cheers for being patient for a couple of weeks longer than the site stated.


Extinction of Mankind HOOD Preorder

After the last preorder when I did a tee / longsleeve for Ste / Extinction of Mankind, they said they wanted a hood – as people were always asking for them, a mere 12 months later and I finally cleaned up the rear art and colourised it..

Featuring the art from the Storm of Resentment fold out inner poster on the rear- with traditional logo to left breast.

This preorder will ship on or around 17th Feb 2022!

No – say it’s not true!!

Yep, for the third time in a week, new items added – this time one of my favourite designs gets a longsleeve version and a reprint of a long out of print longsleeve due to people asking!

New Rat Cage collaboration

Okay – to tie in with the blink and you missed it new lathe cut 7″ by sheffield’s Rat Cage – here’s a new tee/longsleeve collaboration! So cheer yourself up and snaffle one of these!!
On preorder for 2 weeks – (shipping the week of Monday 17th feb). As always featuring art by Mylo – with the lyrics to the rear – Lughole records logo on the sleeve. Black print on the Tee and Longsleeve – and a shorter run of black into red fades.
These are unique to us – Rat cage will have something different for their shows… (and everyone who missed the 7 – it’s getting a reprint on LVEUM – though that probably means about 2025 if the pressing plants are still as clogged as ever!!)
This is a pre order – to be despatched the week of Feb 17th


ALL NOW SORTED (touch wood!) i’ve contacted the people (mainly who bought Disorder tees after 9pm yesterday til 3pm today – and thought – wow postage is cheap!) 

At present due to an update on the Paypal shopping cart – there’s an error with payments – it’s not charging for postage – so we will be invoicing you after purchase for the postage amount – i think it’s correctly showing you what postage should be, but then the shipping plug in isn’t telling paypal what to charge…

Hopefully this will be sorted today!