Okay – most questions are answered in our Terms and Conditions page – but for some of the others I’ll post answers here – and if there’s any that come up over the next few months I’ll add them to this list too : )

I’m (as i point out later) one person, and not a corporate monster like Amazon – so thus humour will be used within this page, and the site in general!

Where's my stuff

Yes! In at number 1 = the perennial webstore fave, asked by people within 12 hours of placing their order in some cases!!

I’m not Amazon – I go to the post office as often as I can – normally 3-4 times a week, but this means at certain times, your item might not be sent until a day or two later. (and definitely not EVER sent on a Sunday, Sorry J.D from California, no matter how fast you need it..)  There’s only one of me – i can’t accelerate this process : )
You will have received a tracking number with your dispatch email – so in the first instance – please use this to see where your items could be! I AM NOT responsible for how slow or fast Royal Mail (UK at least – for everyone else Insert your favourite mail service here) actually deliver your item once they have it – I can’t ring them up and go – “Oi – Bill ain’t got his Actives Tee yet – can you hurry up please”…

Can you print "XXXX" for me

Whilst I don’t mind you emailing us with requests etc – please be advised, I’m permanently working on about 10 new designs and attempting to reprint a million old designs at any moment in time… A one off tee – 99% isn’t going to happen – however if I think I can do a design for the band you want that fits with what we do and there’ll be enough people who want one for a run – then i’ll attempt to get permission and then see if I can turn the request into a shirt in keeping with how I like Crash the Pose shirts to look – so I *might* get my act together..   Like i said – it doesn’t hurt to ask : )

When will you reprint "XXXX" shirt

Crash the Pose is (for all I have a fancy new site!) still only a hobby – a way of getting designs i’ve always wanted to see out – I run No Rules Printing as well – which actually takes up 99% of the working day – so I can’t always reprint things asap – or indeed that year..haha…

So – it’s best to assume – when a new design appears – that will be it’s only run… definitely for the more complex tees..

Is "INSERT DESIGN" available on a Vest / Loincloth / Tea Towel / Hood etc

Is it on the website? if No – then i guess it isn’t…

Ink Colours

The ink colours in the pictures are from actual prints – HOWEVER – when reprinted (especially in grey and brown) the actual shades may differ. Also most of the photo’s are lightened – thanks to the camera used, it brightens the pic. Please use the pictures as a rough guide to the colours of the finished garment.

Garment Substitution

At times the brand the shirt is listed as being printed on, will be out of stock in certain sizes (normally 2X and above), in order to reprint we will sometimes substitute in a differing range – this normally occurs with Gildan Heavy being out of stock, so we’ll use Gildan Ultra or Gildan Hammer. The sizings are exactly the same and they are more premium garments. This is the best way we could find to keep items stocked.