No – say it’s not true!!

Yep, for the third time in a week, new items added – this time one of my favourite designs gets a longsleeve version and a reprint of a long out of print longsleeve due to people asking!

New Rat Cage collaboration

Okay – to tie in with the blink and you missed it new lathe cut 7″ by sheffield’s Rat Cage – here’s a new tee/longsleeve collaboration! So cheer yourself up and snaffle one of these!!
On preorder for 2 weeks – (shipping the week of Monday 17th feb). As always featuring art by Mylo – with the lyrics to the rear – Lughole records logo on the sleeve. Black print on the Tee and Longsleeve – and a shorter run of black into red fades.
These are unique to us – Rat cage will have something different for their shows… (and everyone who missed the 7 – it’s getting a reprint on LVEUM – though that probably means about 2025 if the pressing plants are still as clogged as ever!!)
This is a pre order – to be despatched the week of Feb 17th


ALL NOW SORTED (touch wood!) i’ve contacted the people (mainly who bought Disorder tees after 9pm yesterday til 3pm today – and thought – wow postage is cheap!) 

At present due to an update on the Paypal shopping cart – there’s an error with payments – it’s not charging for postage – so we will be invoicing you after purchase for the postage amount – i think it’s correctly showing you what postage should be, but then the shipping plug in isn’t telling paypal what to charge…

Hopefully this will be sorted today!

Wow, where did that year go?>!

Bands finally started touring again and I found myself rushed off my feet, doing normal print work!! At the same time, i’ve made about 15 new designs – but haven’t had time to add them to the shop – so over the next few days i’m going to be adding and highlighting them!!

First up – loads of people wanted one making, when I did the US Punk collage – so i’ve done my take on the classic UK tee – i’ve dropped a few bands – and added a few that should always have been on there – sourcing the art – where possible from the same music press ads…   at the same time, i tweaked the art to fit on mugs and wallets too – as i fancied them!! and i did the same with the US punk tees – these are all screened, discharge and red ink..


Whole buncha new stuff!!!!

Okay after a quiet time (for new items at least!) i’ve pulled out the stops and got a whole bunch of new tees and reprints of long gone classics… i’ll be chucking them up over the next couple of weeks!

first up = US punk collage – a twist on the old classic punk tee a load of us probably had as kids…. a new colourway for the out of print Larm shirt (design by Jos), reprint of the Bastards Siberian hardcore…

more coming!!!