Discharge Grave World T Shirt

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Gold, Off-White
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Screen-Printed Discharge, Screen-Printed Plastisol
Gildan Heavy
100% Cotton
Screen-printed in our workshop using plastisol inks. Model is wearing a Small. Gold and discharged off white ink on Black Gildan heavy t-shirt.

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Grave World

  1. Missie Mae

  2. Timmy Potcner

  3. ♪♫ Great Professional Seller ♫ Fast Shipping ♫ Highly recommended ♪ Thank You

    yuji umeki

  4. As described and well made. This shirt rules. Thanks!

    Tim Moriarty

  5. I've been wanting this shirt for sometime now as it's always a conversation starter, or comment, by someone who's familiar with Discharge. I only saw Discharge for this particular tour on their San Francisco stop back in 1986, The crowd was none too pleased over the new material and verbally berated the band. This led to them walking off stage soon after. After five minutes or so they returned. Cal chided the audience and asked if they wanted to hear the old material. Of course cheering, amidst cursing, ensued "Okay, if you're good little boys and girls then we'll play the old stuff, (then he mumbled)….right after we play a few new songs!" That was it for the crowd. The response was an aluminum garbage can thrown onto the stage at them. They flipped the audience off then stormed off the stage! 20 minutes of Discharge. Damn!


  6. Jason

  7. New favorite shirt! Fast shipping

    Bigbill Brody

  8. Havent opened yet (x-mas present) But the item shipped immediately and arrived right away!

    Brendan Duff

  9. Great, excellent transaction, high quality
    EX +++++++++++ A ++++++++++


  10. Syafiq Abdul Latiff

  11. Great quality, Ultrafast shipping, gonna order more stuff of this guy!!!

    tommy lofholm

  12. Excellent. Thank you very much.

    Hiroshi Okumura

  13. The best Discharge t-shirt ever.


  14. Excellent service


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