UK Punk UK Punk Collage T Shirt

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Deep Red, Natural
Ink Type
Screen-Printed Discharge, Screen-Printed Plastisol
Gildan Heavy
100% Cotton
Remake of the Classic - i'm sure 99% of us had a version at one point or another - always made me curious about the shirt not having the logos - but now i know they are from the adverts for gigs at the time (Last Christmas on Earth / Apocalypse now tour etc) i've taken a few bands off - Lama - trockener kecks and added a few glaring omissions.. everytime this shirt was printed it had a few tweaks - so thought i'd add mine!! A bit of fun, don't put the punk police onto me.. Off White (Tan) discharge ink and Red plastisol/.. See other listings for the US version and mugs and wallets!

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