We’re finally here!!

Yes a mere 18 months in the making (most of that delay my fault, in not getting lists together, answering questions asked by the long sufferiing web designers, having any money ha etc etc) and about 4 years in the planning – Crash the Pose finally has it’s own autonomous site!!

Hopefully this will double the amount of stuff for sale, as I dig out end of run items, old designs etc etc and add a load of stuff we don’t have on the Etsy cos once they take their fees it wouldn’t be worth listing it..

Whilst the Etsy will stay up, ALL new designs will make their debut here. I’ve added customer points – so the people who buy loads of our shirts can in time get some free stuff – and if i can work out how to make it happen, i’ll try and backcredit some etsy purchases for anyone who shops thru here and sets an account up!

Okay – shut UP i hear you cry… what’s new!!  There’s a super spanky Extinction of Mankind Longsleeve / Tee up for pre-order – shipping in about 3 weeks (Ste has the patience of a saint – i had this ready to go about 4 months ago – but wanted to have it for the site launch!),  i’m super chuffed to have a Restarts all over print tee – much thanks to Kieran, even if you don’t like the band (deaf?) his art just looks ace HUGE… continuing the Kieran art theme – a super limited run of Suicidal Supermarket Trollys tees – thanks to hooking up with Keith (drummer) then there’s a huge print official Distortion to Deafness from Disorder, i’ve got 3 official Flux tees coming – the strive tee is up, other 2 printing as we speak… then there’s new Gauze / Slaughter n Dogs / Siouxsie / Blondie / Germs and a reprint of the much requested Dis – Abba tee… over the next couple of weeks i’ll be putting up all the totes / Backpatchs we normally have at Rebellion and adding patches / badges, bottle openers and stickers..